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VA Healthcare Center, TRICARE Family Practice

Photo of TRICARE Family Practice (Kentucky Air Nation Guard) - Louisville, KY


The Robley Rex VAMC's Tricare Program is very unique; we are the only VAMC with a Tricare Family Practice, dedicated to servicing Tricare beneficiaries. Our caring professional staff is unmatched, they will make you feel at home and welcome on each and every visit. The family practice is located at 1101 Grade Lane in Louisville at the Kentucky Air National Guard Base. The Office number is (502) 287-6370 or toll-free (800) 376-8387 extension 56370.

Urgent Care

The Tricare Family Practice is also home to an Urgent Care Center, another first for the VA. In an urgent situation, contact the number above or call the TRICARE Coordinator at (502) 287-6940 for a same day appointment or advice on how to handle the immediate situation. The "Prime" beneficiary will have to contact Tricare for an authorization to be seen at the Urgent Care Center.

Emergency Care

All TRICARE beneficiaries, in the event of a life-, limb-, or eyesight-threatening emergency, should call 911 or come into our ER at 800 Zorn Ave.

Specialty Clinics

Referrals to our specialty clinics will require a physician's referral. Please contact the coordinator below for assistance to insure that you get the necessary authorization.


Please call the Tricare Coordinator Charles Paskovics (502) 287-6940 or stop by the VAMC Room B240h Monday through Friday.


The VAMC is a Tricare Network Pharmacy; however, we can only fill prescriptions written by our staff of physicians.

Driving Directions

The Standiford Field Healthcare Center is located just off I-65 at the Air National Guard Complex on Grade Lane.


Free on premises


Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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